Additional space for the City of Ubuntu

Great news from Cameroon: The City of Ubuntu is growing!

We started our project "City of Ubuntu" on an area of 12 hectares near the small village of Sanki in western Cameroon. In the meantime, there is a well, a small house and usable land for the cultivation of corn, soy and cassava as well as the raising of chickens, pigs and goats. Our administrator Basile keeps us regularly informed about the progress in our blog. From the proceeds we finance social projects and also offer collaboration for those who want to learn something (more) in this are 

In the future, a community center with seminar rooms will also be built on the site. Thus, there is space for a teaching and learning center, cultural exchange and the implementation of various projects of City of Ubuntu.

The offer

The chief of the small village of Sanki (mayor), which is adjacent to the City of Ubuntu site, is convinced of our project: most recently, we managed to procure missing birth certificates for about 100 children from the village, thus enabling them to attend school regularly. 

Therefore, he has made us an offer to purchase the adjacent land at a good price to further support our activities. 

The surprise

According to the chief of Sanki, the adjacent area should measure about 12 hectares - as much as the previous City of Ubuntu!

In order to measure accurately, the property lines were cleared and bollards were placed. Surveyors were then called in to map the area accurately.


And lo and behold - it is not 12 hectares of land as we thought, but even 15! And best of all, there is a natural water source nearby, which makes the location ideal for agriculture. 

We need your support!


To acquire the area, we urgently need financial support. 

The team in Vienna now has a cooperation with Caritas, who support our project: Thus, donations for the purpose of land acquisition are now even tax deductible!

You too can help grow the City of Ubuntu and make room for dreams to come true!


Caritas der Erzdiözese Wien

AT47 2011 1890 8900 0000, GIBAATWWXXX

Purpose of donation: Donation KV 830106 Cameroon-Ubuntu land acquisition