Why is agriculture promoted in the City of Ubuntu and what is grown?

One of the objectives of the City of UBUNTU is to provide the local Cameroonian population with the necessary tools to lead a self-determined life.

This includes acquiring skills that help meet the basic needs of life. Agriculture is a first sub-area that is being promoted in the City of Ubuntu project. For this purpose, a functioning infrastructure is gradually being built with the participation of the local population under the leadership of our administrator Basile. The proceeds from the organic products we grow also provide scholarships for schoolchildren and students, whom we support on their educational path.

Our agricultural areas

We have started to cultivate part of the land of the City of Ubuntu, and are currently growing the following plants: 

  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Cassava
  • Ginger

Wir verfügen über einige Bienenstöcke, um Honig zu gewinnen. 

In the area around the City of Ubuntu in Cameroon, a lot of work in agriculture is still largely done by hand. This is not only very strenuous for the workers, but also progresses relatively slowly.

We therefore show the workers on site ways to support such work, in part with machines, and provide them with the appropriate equipment. For example, a plow to sow the seeds or a simple machine to form bricks.