Our mission

What is the main purpose of the City of UBUNTU?

Our City of UBUNTU project has one overarching goal: to contribute to peace in the world.

In doing so, we are guided by these values:




Willingness to help

How do we intend to achieve this goal?

The City of UBUNTU sees two areas in particular as essential cornerstones of its work:



We are convinced that all people have a right to education, and that through education a renewal of society towards a peaceful, caring and productive coexistence is possible.

That's why we want to build an educational center where there is space for learning and teaching - for seminars, school and university projects, and for training young people in entrepreneurship so that they can have a sustainable livelihood.

One focus is on ecology, environmental protection and sustainability. In architecture, for example, traditional building methods are supported with modern technologies in order to build in a resource-saving and sustainable way. We also want to support schoolchildren and students through scholarships.

Mutual exchange

Good communication, openness to others and skills in conflict transformation are valuable skills for everyone to contribute to peace in the world.

We organize trips, seminars or longer stays in the City of Ubuntu to promote intercultural understanding and exchange. The encounters in the project are international, interreligious, interdenominational; they are encounters that touch and are intended to make a lasting difference. A special focus is on mediation, communication trainings and conflict transformation.