Our mission

What is the City of UBUNTU?

"City of Ubuntu" is a place of meeting and a teaching and learning center.


The African philosophy "Ubuntu" means "I am because you are": one's own humanity is closely linked to that of all other people. Therefore, cooperation, networking and teamwork are necessary to enable peaceful coexistence for all.

Suffering from extremism, war, refugee crisis, pollution/climate change is a visible consequence of the structural injustice and exploitation of resources and people that characterize our current age. 

We are convinced that the way to a harmonious and peaceful society can succeed through respect for human dignity and promotion of justice, respect, solidarity and with consideration for nature.


It is in this spirit that "City of Ubuntu" was created. People who think globally and act locally enable an organic and non-violent reform of society. Education and community contribute to the development of society by promoting knowledge, behavior, social competence and respectful treatment of nature.

The Ubuntu community is international and several people are involved at different levels: a leadership team in Austria and Cameroon, an operational team in Sanki and Yaoundé (Cameroon), technical and financial partners, and short- and long-term volunteers from different countries. 

Specifically, on the one hand, we develop organic farming to financially support our social activities. On the other hand, we strengthen the skills of social actors, especially women, young entrepreneurs and people with disabilities. In addition, "City of Ubuntu" offers mediation and conflict resolution services.


A pilot project of "City of Ubuntu" is being built on a 12-hectare plot in Sanki, Cameroon. Here we are building an education center and infrastructures for agriculture and the processing of organic products. Our trainings are conducted online and on-site in the form of seminars, conferences and publications. We organize trips to promote intercultural encounters and create a climate of dialogue at eye level. Through the proceeds of our organic products, we make scholarships possible for pupils and students, and we present awards for outstanding social commitment.


In doing so, we are guided by these values:




Willingness to help