Das Team

The team behind the project is as diverse as the City of UBUNTU. Volunteers from a wide range of disciplines and ethnic backgrounds work together to create a place of cultural exchange.

Our team in Austria


Jean de Dieu Tagne

Founder and chairman

"I always admire what encounters between people can produce. That's what inspires me about the City of Ubuntu."


Philipp Broinger

Deputy Chairman, Architect

"City of Ubuntu opens up new perspectives on many different levels, helps to combat structural injustices and can therefore have a positive impact on people's lives."

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Bernadette Becsi


"I am a general practitioner in Vienna with a special interest in travel and tropical medicine. I joined the project team after the trip to Cameroon in 2022 because I was very enthusiastic about the cultural exchange and the work in the City of Ubuntu."

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Herwig Ferch

Deputy Treasurer, Architect

"For me, City of Ubuntu is a small step that will change big things for the better. It gives me great joy that my contribution will improve the lives of many people and that we can learn from each other across continents."


Veronika Pawel

Secretary General

"For me, City of Ubuntu means community. People from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs are working together are working together to open the door to peace in the world through City of Ubuntu. I am very happy to be a part of this."

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Ilka Krenn

Deputy Secretary General

"For me, City of Ubuntu is a fascinating project to facilitate encounters between cultures."

Barbara Tober

Barbara Tober


"Isn't it nice to be able to make a small contribution to greater social justice?"

Our team in Cameroon


Stéphane Kenfack Lontsi

Energy engineer and administrative secretary of ICALDE (Calasanz Institute of the Right to Education). "The most important thing for me in City of Ubuntu is that we have a city that is completely independent and energy self-sufficient. I want our city to generate the energy it needs from the natural resources it can produce itself."


Narcisse Talla Tankam

Research teacher in the Department of Computer Engineering at the IUT Fotso Victor of the University of Dschang in Cameroon. "For me, the City of Ubuntu means imparting knowledge and skills and even social behavior to the young generation of Africans. It is an environment where dreams based on local realities are allowed."

Bernard Fotsing 2

Bernard Fotsing

Computer scientist, teacher and researcher at the Institut Universitaire de Technologie Fotso Victor de Bandjoun - University of Dschang. "The most important thing for me in City of Ubuntu is the participatory and voluntary development of agricultural projects involving the local community and respecting human dignity."


Chiambah Basil Fulmai

Bachelor in Philosophy and Theology, I am a farmer who works on the City of Ubuntu site in Sanki. "The most important aspect of the City of Ubuntu for me is solidarity and hospitality."


Angèle Ndzuenkeu

Lecturer at the Catholic University of Central Africa - Yaoundé, Faculty of Law. "What I appreciate about the City of Ubuntu is the openness towards others and the solidarity it brings."