Weekly Update #1

In our Weekly Updates, our on-site administrator, Basil, shares what has been happening in the City of UBUNTU over the past week. For the launch of our new website here is the first update from the week 10-16 October 2022 :

Fruit trees
Last week we were able to plant over 35 more fruit trees. These trees were planted by us a few months ago. In total we planted 20 avocados and 15 plums, in addition to the trees we already have. We hope to get some plantain sprouts in the coming days and plant them next to these trees so that they will not be killed by too much sun during the dry season.

Last week we planted more cassava stems in addition to those already planted. The total area where cassava was planted this week is 40 by 40 meters (2000 square meters). We must not forget that we had previously planted cassava on another area of about 45 by 35 meters and also on the part where eucalyptus had been planted. In total, we planted cassava on an area that could be more than half a hectare.

Last week we also worked with the corn. This is because we used special herbicides to control weeds, which cannot kill all the weeds on the farm. Because of this, I personally had to go back to weed the areas where the weeds could still interfere with the corn. In general, the corn is promising, although the recent heavy rains have left standing water in some areas of the farm.

Last week we continued the sowing of Ndole. What we are still missing here is the herbicide that we have to spray when planting so that the corn can grow freely.

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