Weekly update #12

Our administrator in Cameroon, Basile, regularly reports what is happening on the City of Ubuntu property. Here is an update of the last weeks:


The corn and soybean project

What's going on with our corn and soybeans? First of all, the corn that I grew myself is doing well. It's already bearing flowers and corn. This is the very first corn planted this year, so it's normal for it to start producing before the others.

This brings us to the first corn planted as part of this year's corn and soybean project. As you can see from the pictures below, the first corn in this project is also doing well. It is already flowering and also bearing fruit.

The second corn planted as part of this project is also looking good as the pictures below show. This corn has started to grow and I am sure that in a few weeks it will also produce corn.

As for the soybeans, they are also doing well. We have had a few difficulties with some animals, but on the whole they are doing well.

I had to spray some places to prevent the insects from destroying the corn. I also had to weed some places where there was a lot of grass. 

The piggery

One important thing that has been done recently is the insertion of piglets. This happened on Saturday, June 10. But before that I had to reinforce the roof of the barn with more grass, put a small door, create a place for the animals to eat and dig a pit where their waste is dumped.

After all this was done, we brought in the piglets. Actually we wanted to take 4 piglets, but in the course of the transport unfortunately one piglet died in Bagante. 


Bee hives

We also did some work on the hives. This work mainly consisted of placing the remaining 7 hives that were still on the ground on trees and then checking the other hives to make sure that everything was okay with them.



Recently, I also cleared one of the areas where we had planted cassava. Although the cassava plant is in the grass, it is showing positive signs. Now that it has been cleared, I am sure that it will thrive again as soon as possible.

So far from our side! I'll tell you how it goes on in the City of Ubuntu!


See you!

Yours, Basile