Weekly update #14

Our administrator in Cameroon, Basile, regularly reports what is happening on the City of Ubuntu property. Here is an update of the last weeks:


Warm greetings from this part of the world and I hope all is well with you. Over here we are doing well, albeit with some minor problems. I would like to bring you back up to date on the activities of the city of Ubuntu with this report. 

The entry of the City of Ubuntu 


One of the most important things we did in the last few weeks was work on the entrance to the City of Ubuntu. This involved clearing the entrance, or the stretch of road that leads to the City of Ubuntu, to make it larger and more visible. The entrance was changed and a new one was created. There was also some digging to make certain paths straight. The goal of this work is to make the City of Ubuntu more visible and therefore more accessible. 

In the near future a good sign

 will be will be put up to facilitate orientation. As for the road or the entrance, there is still a lot to do, because some places still need to be leveled, stones dug out and trees or flowers planted.                           





I also planted some plantain sprouts in the last few days. They were given to me by a friend and I decided to plant them here in our yard. There are 25 seedlings in total. We are waiting to see what will become of them, and then we will see if they could be a starting point for a banana plantation.  




Although the plants we brought from Austria are not all doing well, we are happy that our little garden is already bearing some fruit. So we harvested some peppers a few days ago. Unfortunately, the quantity is not so big that they could be sold. We are also thinking of starting a propagation to plant more and increase the yield. The sunflower also looks very good.     


Just like radishes, it is important for us to know exactly what to do with the sunflower. Unfortunately, the radishes have started to go bad because the sale is slow or fails. In the next few days we will select some to feed to the pigs so they don't spoil. I also bought a package of carrots that I planted and they are ready to be harvested. As for the squash and cucumbers, we are taking care of what is left, watering and caring for the plants as best we can. We wait to see what they give us.

Evaluation meeting

One interesting thing we also did was an evaluation meeting to see how our activities are going. It was a good meeting attended by Father Eric, Papa Hubert, who was a great help to us with the corn and soybean project, and myself. So we have a good overview and can plan further activities well.






Work was also done on the cassava plots. The work consisted of removing the grass and then placing soil under the cassava plants. The work was done by Mr. Chongsi Ferdinand and should help the cassava plants grow better. 


See you!

Yours, Basile