Weekly update #13

Our administrator in Cameroon, Basile, regularly reports what is happening on the City of Ubuntu property. Here is an update of the last weeks:



I have now managed to remove the weeds from the remaining part of the cassava so that it is clean. I am sure that the cassava plant will be better now. 


The garden

In the last few days I also managed to plant the products that you brought from Austria. The plants are already sprouting, although not as expected, because some have not germinated. The sunflower was planted in the corn, the pumpkins and some of the radishes next to the well, and the cucumber and remaining radishes right next to the pig pen. While the other plants have already germinated, the cucumber and radish next to the pig pen are still pending. However, after putting the other plants in the ground before the cucumber, I'm sure it will grow with a little time. The spacing was done according to the recommendations on the packages. Unfortunately, not all the seeds grow, but on the whole it is good and positive.

Sheep and pigs

The pigs are fine and everything is fine with them.

Unfortunately, one of our 6 sheep goats was stolen in mid-June! So we are left with only 5 animals, which we now of course take extra good care of! 

So far from our side! I'll tell you how it goes on in the City of Ubuntu!


See you!

Yours, Basile