Weekly update #16

Our administrator in Cameroon, Basile, reports regularly on what is happening on the City of Ubuntu site. A lot has happened again in the last few weeks - and there are new additions!

Testing our newly acquired machines

So far, we have done almost all of the field work by hand. Since mid-December, we finally have two machines with which we can loosen and work the soil. We still have to get used to it a little, but it makes the work much easier.

The cassava

On Wednesday, December 20, 2023, I finished clearing the second section of cassava. In addition, the cassava plant was pruned as suggested by the engineer who came here with Stéphane. I would like to point out that I never cut off all the leaves of the cassava plant, as the engineer had suggested, because I thought it would be good to leave some. When cutting down the second part, I found that termites were eating part of the cassava, so I had to spray it with a suitable agent afterwards.

The beans

I have started harvesting the beans. There's still a lot to do with the harvest, but I hope to be done with it by the end of the week so we can clean them and move on to something else.

The goats

One of our goats gave birth to her young on Saturday, December 23rd. So we have a newborn in the herd at the moment!

The pigs

The pigs are doing well. I continue my routine of cleaning the fence every day and washing the pigs once or twice a week.


Best regards,

Yours, Basile