City of Ubuntu Holy Mass

Last Sunday a special event took place: a Holy Mass dedicated to the City of Ubuntu.

The young adults, altar servers of the Piarist Parish of Maria Treu and Father Jean de Dieu took us on a very special journey during the Mass, their journey to Ubuntu, which took place in the summer of 2022. This was reflected in the Mass design, the musical accompaniment as well as the selected songs. In this way, the impressions of this group could be experienced by all of us. 

Film with impressions from the City of Ubuntu

After the Holy Mass we continued in the Calasanz Hall. Through a film we got a vivid impression of the encounters, the exchange, but also of the work done and the itinerary. Culinary we could also participate in the experience by serving and sharing a typical specialty of the country Puff-Puffs. There was also the opportunity to purchase the beautiful, colorful T-shirts of the City of Ubuntu. More are still available in the parish office.


Outlook for the next steps

The project City of Ubuntu - a place where dreams come true - continues to grow. We are very happy that you can already visit us on our new website, which was completed together with the new flyer in time for this event. The get-together closed with a look into the future. The team of architects, Philipp Broinger and Herwig Ferch, presented the plans for further constructional development, with special attention to the networking of transnational knowledge as well as a particularly low ecological footprint. 

Participate in the project with building blocks

The next big step is the construction of a community shelter with bedrooms, sanitary facilities, kitchen and common room. For this we urgently need your support in the form of "building blocks". A building block that helps to bring the project to life has the value of € 10,-. Of course, there can be many building blocks, each of them brings us all a little closer to the goal. 

How to get the building blocks: 

You can contribute to the project with a donation to the donation account of the parish Maria Treu:

Pfarre Maria Treu
AT 37 4300 0000 0380 1719
Intended use: "Donation City of Ubuntu"

Planned next trip

Curious now? From April 10, 2023 to April, 22, 2023 a trip to the City of Ubuntu will take place under the direction of Father Jean de Dieu. This way the project can be experienced on site and we can all be a part of these encounters. If you are interested, please send us a request to