Weekly Update #3

This is what happened in the week of 24-31.10.2022.


Despite some unforeseen problems, last week was quite a busy week on the City Of Ubuntu site. We have done a lot, as you can see from the following lines.


We have started frying the garris that we milled last week. Once we are done with frying, we will start the second phase with harvesting the rest of the cassava. Only at the end of the whole process we can have a picture of the final state of the cassava plant, how it was planted last year, and the process of garri production as a whole. It is worth mentioning that the whole process is a learning process for all of us, as we are doing this for the first time.



Although honey production at our site is slow, we are more and more optimistic. This is due to the fact that we have more hives that have been colonized. Currently we have 11 colonized hives.



Last week we continued with light work on the corn. It already bears fruit and is therefore promising.


Last week we also lightly weeded the beans that we planted. Now we just need to spray them with an insecticide. The beans will soon begin to bloom and later bear fruit.



We started the construction of the pigsty last week. Everything is ready for it. The only thing we are missing is gravel, and we have already started negotiations to get it. As soon as we have it, the building will stand.

Some other work, mainly around the house, was also done.