That's what happened during the week of 11/28-12/4/2022.


The ginger we harvested a few weeks ago has been sent to Yaoundé to our local Ubuntu team, Dr. Angèle Nzuenkeu and Mr. Stéphane Lontsi. They are to look for a way to market the product. The quantity sent was a bag of one hundred kilograms. 


Currently we have 15 hives installed. So this part of our farm is growing, although we have not produced. Now that we have all these hives, we will certainly improve the quantity and quality of our honey production in the coming months. If the beekeeper we are working with is available in the coming days, we will actually see a lot of activity in this area.    


A week ago we sold the male billy goat we had because he had become very aggressive. We are currently looking for a way to replace him with a younger male and possibly take in another small female. We are already in contact with some owners of sheep goats and are trying to work out a deal with them. The two females we have here now are pregnant and will give birth in a few months. 



As for the processing of our cassava, we started a second production of garri (cassava flour, editor's note). Beim ersten Mal haben wir 13 Eimer produziert, von denen ein Teil verkauft wurde. Wir hoffen, den Rest in den kommenden Tagen zu verkaufen, während wir weitere Eimer produzieren. Also, we are thinking about making fufu (African cassava dish, ed.) once we finish making garri. 


On the site of the City of Ubuntu began the production of mud bricks. At the moment, about 100 blocks have already been pressed. We intend to pack them little by little as they are made.


As we indicated in our last report, we are almost finished with the pigsty. What is holding us up is the fact that the person working on it has fallen ill. But as soon as he is back on his feet, everything will be ready. The only thing left to do is the grasses on the roof of the barn.


 It is important to mention that this week we had to buy an insecticide to spray our beans. The reason is that some insects have fed on the beans, spoiling them.