We did 2 main things this week, as seen below.


Last week we made more garri (cassava product, editor's note) to supplement what we already had. In total, we made 18 buckets of garri. Of these 18 buckets, 10 buckets are garri without oil, that is, the white garri, and 8 buckets are garri with oil.



Besides the garri, we continued with the pressing of our blocks. A total of 1500 blocks were pressed last week. This means that we have pressed a total of 2500 blocks so far.


In addition, last week we made several attempts to buy sheep and goats to replace the males that we have sold recently, but without success. The prices asked for the animals we wanted were too high. For a small male and a small female, 70,000 CFA (equivalent to €106, editor's note) were asked. Faced with this obstacle, we contacted more people and hope to get the animals at a better price this week.

Other things like watering the fruit trees and cleaning up around the house got done. We hope to do more in the new week and finish what we planned to do last week and did not manage.