Basile, the administrator of the City of Ubuntu property in Cameroon, shares what has been happening in the City of Ubuntu in the first weeks of the year.

1. preparations for the planting season

Since January, we started clearing the ground and preparing it for planting corn and other things. The idea was to start early so as not to make the same mistakes as last year. So far, we've cleared about 1.3 acres, and there's still a big chunk left. Of the 1.3 hectares, I cleared 1 hectare by myself, while I hired someone to do the other part, as it was too much for me alone. For the remaining part, I am making arrangements to have it cleared by next week.

2. Sheep/goats

Currently we have 5 sheep/goats that belong to City of Ubuntu. With the money from the sale of a male we had, we were able to buy a male and a female to increase our numbers. Also, our female sheep goat recently gave birth to a young one, so we are now at five animals.

3. Honey

Recently we managed to harvest 7 liters of honey from some of our hives. The work continues because we want to check all 19 hives to see if there is honey. Once we are done with that and have harvested all the honey, we will send it to Yaoundé to sell it.

4. Chicken

We recently had 46 chickens and sold 8. That means we still have 38 left. We also want to sell more in the coming days.

5. Trees

The fruit trees we planted are doing well. Unfortunately, the eucalyptus is not doing very well because of the sun. Some of the avocados and plums have also suffered from too much sunlight because I was away from home for a week. But I'm watering them and hoping all goes well.


6. Bricks

It has been a while since the production of the blocks was stopped. The total number of blocks made is 6000. We are preparing to store them safely, as we will not use them this year. Recently it threatened to rain and we covered them with plastic, but a good place to store them would be desirable.

7. Garri

We roasted a total of 31 bags of garri. Of the 31 bags, we were able to sell 17 and have 90000 CFA (approx. 135 €, editor's note) available from the sale of these bags. We still have 13.5 bags with us, as we sent a small quantity to the team in Yaounde to check the quality. We hope to sell the remaining buckets soon.

This is the state of affairs here in the City Of Ubuntu in Cameroon. See you next time! 


CHIAMBAH Basile Fulmai