Weekly update #10

Greetings from Sanki! I hope you are all well. As you know, I want to keep you updated with this report on what has been happening at the City of Ubuntu construction site this week. We have been focusing mainly on the corn and soybean project because we wanted to complete the first phase of the project, which is tillage and planting. To this end, we began clearing and demolishing the remaining portion, as seen in the pictures below. 

After clearing and demolition work, we worked the soil to make it soft.

Then we started planting corn and soybeans in the said area. A bucket of corn was planted, and the soybeans were planted only a few copies.

Other work included pruning the trees to allow the plants access to sunlight. In some parts of the yard, the trees had branched out so much that they were shading the plants and depriving them of sunlight. 

We also had to start spraying the plants with insecticides because some insects and small maggots had started to destroy them.  

Since some areas of the yard were overgrown with a lot of grass, we thought it would be a good idea to start weeding the soil.

Finally, we spread the remaining manure on the area we had just worked. In total, we spread 36 small bags of manure. To make our work easier, we transported the bags and distributed them around the site in such a way that the work was easy to do.

With all this work, we hired someone to help us remove the remaining cassava plants to clear the space for tilling and planting. Here you can see our result:

This is the summary of what we have done in the past week. Some of the work such as weeding and spraying will continue in the coming week, while other work will also be tackled. 


See you!

Yours, Basile