That's what happened in the City of Ubuntu during the week of Dec. 18-25.


We sold the old male sheep recently. From the proceeds, we have paid for 2 sheep goats, a male and a female. The female arrived on our site this week. It is 5 months old. We are expecting the male in the days ahead.


So far, we have 3300 blocks that have been pressed. We have arranged them and covered in order to have them safe since we were expecting some rains. But we hope and think this thread is already passed.  


The pig fence has been completed. All we need now is to put the pigs or piglets and begin raring them. We shall make arrangements for that soonest. We put a plastic bag before putting grass to make up the roof.

Obviously, other things like watering of fruit trees, cleaning around the plants, cleaning of cassava portions etc were done.