Weekly Update #9

Our local City of Ubuntu administrator, Basil, had a visit from Father Jean de Dieu from Vienna this week. What else has happened, you can read here.


1. a sheep and goat pen 

When Father Jean came to us, we talked about building a shelter for the sheep next to the house. This wish has now been granted to us. After further consideration, we thought it would be good to build the shelter simply by extending the wooden kitchen we have behind the house. You can see the result in the photos. To prevent water from reaching the sheep and the house, we dug a small gutter to drain the water when it rains. In this way it will be easy to collect the waste from the sheep and use it as fertilizer in the yard.

2. corn and soybean plants

As you already know, the corn and soybean project has already been started and much of it has been worked on. Last week and this week we continued the project and hope to finish it this week. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our good will, there is still a small portion left to be processed on Tuesday of next week. Nevertheless, what we have done so far is going well and we hope for a positive progress.

This week, more things were started that we will inform you about in the coming days. These include the preparation of a place for planting aloe vera and lemongrass, planning activities in the various areas, etc.. 

See you!

Yours, Basile